What We Do

Advancing Healthcare quality using techniques from the Nuclear Power Industry

High Reliability Organization

slide5The Bergendahl Institute was created by High Reliability Organization professionals to share their experiences and the benefits of HRO principles. The adoption of High Reliability methods, processes and behaviors, has proven to be beneficial for the nuclear power and aviation industries and now we are successfully incorporating the same practices to improve outcomes in healthcare organizations.

Safety Culture Assessment

slide1All culture is local and therefore surveys used to assess culture must be customized to ensure the specific characteristics of the organizations sub-cultures are identified. We structure our interviews and surveys to ensure optimum learning opportunities are produced. Our on-line format allows easy application and creates significant cost savings. Following an extensive analysis of the survey results and a comparison to national averages, focused initiatives are designed that will positively influence your safety culture.

Patient Safety and Event Prevention

slide3Early indicators are available to detect behaviors and vulnerabilities that can lead to patient safety events.  We work with organizations to develop leading indicators to enable a shift from a “finding-and-fixing” environment to a “predict-and-prevent” environment. Our low-threshold incident reporting approach changes and expands the type of data collected. This results in the leaders spending time on proactive improvements versus reacting to events. These improved safety outcomes are often accompanied by reduced costs.

Error Reduction and Performance Improvement Training

slide2Raising the awareness of your staff to the hazards of error-likely situations and error precursors is the first step towards reducing errors. Our education programs ensure an understanding of the basic principles of human performance and the other factors that contribute to events. We provide customized training sessions on various topics to ensure your staff is fully aware of the ever-present human error risks and fully equipped to use the latest techniques to prevent events.

Root Cause Analysis

slide4We provide quick response assistance in analyzing significant events. Our support is designed to ensure maximum learning and to prevent recurrence.  We employ a simplified method called the “4 hour Root Cause” that has received an overwhelmingly positive response from our clients.  Guidance on using the method is provided in training modules that prepare your staff for rapid evaluation of adverse events. This method separates the investigation and analysis activities to enable the right people to participate in the right activities.

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